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About Richard E. Hellen

Richard was born in Meridian MS. and was raised by two hard-working parents. His father worked for a local milk company, and his mother was a homemaker and cosmologist. Like so many people, Richard suffered from low self-esteem and a lack of self-awareness. To complicate matters further, he had no purpose or direction in life. Two years after graduation from high school, Richard decided to follow in his brother Edward Hellen footsteps and join the United States Army.

The military taught Richard leadership, structure and processes that changed the way he saw life. For the first time, he had a purpose and was serving something that was greater than himself. After his retirement from the military, Richard was taken back at the lack of leadership that existed in the marketplace.

In 2015, to gain more credibility and insight as a leader, Richard became a John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer, and coach. After being mentored by John Maxwell’s Team for two years, Richard created Pathways a Business and Relationship Coaching organization, specializing in leadership development, sales proficiency, relationship enhancement, individual coaching, and keynote speaking. Although Richard teaches in all these areas, his passion is using his business and leadership acumen to assist couples in finding purpose and direction for their relationship. Richard believes when we find purpose, we find contentment.