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Books by Richard E. Hellen

Marriage & Relationship Success

Learn the secrets to a successful marriage by approaching it from a business and leadership perspective. Richard Hellen is living proof that coexisting in harmony is not only possible, but it can also become your reality. In this book, Richard shares his hard-earned foundational advice for your marriage, such as:

  • How to be intentional about succeeding in marriage
  • Agreements to set in place before and during the marriage
  • Systems for healthy communication
  • How to have a marriage that your children, and others, want to emulate
  • How to improve intimacy by understanding men’s and women’s basic needs

As with a successful business, you can have a thriving marriage by being intentional about it. Yes, longevity with contentment is possible. Not only that, your marriage can be healthy and mutually satisfying. All it takes is the willingness to work together toward one common goal.

Roommates share the same space, whereas teammates share the same common goals.

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Leadership in Life and Love

In the first half of his life, Richard Hellen:

  • Had a father who played a limited role in his upbringing,
  • Was crippled by shyness and low self-esteem in his teens,
  • Struggled with limited career opportunities as a young adult,
  • Had a rough start in the military, and
  • Suffered three failed marriages.

Yet today Richard E. Hellen is happily married, brims with confidence, and helps others navigate the stormy waters of life with wisdom and understanding.

A John Maxwell certified speaker, author, coach, and trainer, Hellen is living proof that it’s not about how we start, but how we finish that matters.

Follow this honestly written story about a man who has learned much about life and leadership by being open to learning the lessons his choices brought. Richard’s time in the crucible has purified the golden wisdom he puts into this book, and you will learn much from his advice and insight.

Read this today to be enlightened, encouraged, and empowered on your own leadership journey.

Find Richard Hellen’s book, Marriage & Relationship Success, at Amazon.Com